How I Will Serve

The theme of my campaign in “Integrity… Transparency… Accountability." I believe the county’s Board of Commissioners will be much stronger if I can bring these values to bear.

  • Regarding Integrity: I will always say what I believe and do what I say… No political double-speak.

  • Regarding Transparency: I will strive to ensure that all actions taken by the Board are visible to the citizens of El Paso County, along with the rationale for any decisions made.
  • Regarding Accountability: I will represent the interests of all El Paso County residents and hold myself accountable to them, not just to a narrow subset or moneyed interests.

As a County Commissioner I will fight to ensure that land use decisions are:

  • Well planned
  • Include the appropriate infrastructure
  • Provide sufficient fire protection resources
  • Protect our environment and natural resources, and
  • Are sustainable for the future.

I am committed to protecting what makes El Paso County such a special place to live.

Water is an especially precious resource for much of District 1, and I am committed to ensuring that this resource is protected and not over-committed as our county grows. I will work with all stakeholders to develop fair solutions that meet our county growth needs while protecting the rights of those who already live here, as well as the quality of life for future generations.

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