My Experience

My professional career spanned more than 35 years serving customers in the Defense and Intelligence communities, developing and supporting complex weapon systems for our warfighters. The experience I gained as an executive with two of the largest Defense contractors in the country makes me highly qualified to serve as your County Commissioner. I successfully led large organizations at Lockheed Martin and L-3 Communications that answered to multiple stakeholders, including the military’s end-users, their acquisition agents, corporate leadership, and my employees and teammates. This taught me how to work within and manage large organizations and to negotiate successful outcomes that addressed competing interests.

My engineering background provides me with the discipline to analyze complex problems and break them down into manageable parts, as well as the ability to determine and eliminate the root cause of issues. I had financial accountability for a large and diverse portfolio in excess of $400M per year, providing the experience to analyze and successfully manage significant financial resources like our county budget.

The skills, knowledge, and experience gained through my professional career gives me unmatched ability to:

  • Prioritize the concerns of county citizens ability;
  • Manage our county’s financial resources, and 
  • Listen and build consensus among groups with varying and diverse interest groups.

As you can see, I am a proven leader, not a life-long politician. That means I bring a new, fresh, and innovative perspective to the Board of Commissioners.